Making a Will

Our will writing services help you to plan for the future; ensuring that your assets go to the people, places or causes that you want.

Anyone over the age of 18 can make a Will and it is effective until you change the contents, destroy the Will, marry/remarry or enter into a civil partnership. Since 2007 new rules mean that the survivor of a marriage or civil partnership can benefit from up to double the inheritance tax allowance (IHT).

Even if you already have a Will, it may be out of date or invalid because of:

  • change in family circumstances
  • concerns regarding long term (residential/nursing) care costs
  • marriage
  • divorce
  • leaving foreign property in your will
  • guardianship and children
  • living together

Making a Will and updating it regularly ensures that changes in your circumstances are covered and avoids confusion and expense for those left behind.  It gives you the choice to:

  • safeguard your assets
  • decide who manages your affairs 
  • create trusts for your children 
  • nominate guardians for your children
  • benefit from tax savings
  • make a charitable gift
  • provide instructions for your funeral arrangements
  • ensure protection against claims

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