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At Vanderpump & Sykes Solicitors, we give legal advice to employers and employees on a wide range of employment law issues. One of our Partners, Richard Stephens, is a specialist in this area. He is a member of the Employment Lawyers Association. Richard provides a tailor-made service to all our clients so that they can achieve the best possible outcome.

Employers - We can draft or update your employment contracts and policies. We can also help you deal with all other HR requirements including grievances, disciplinary procedures, dismissals, redundancies, TUPE and Employment Tribunal claims.

Employees - Unfairly treated? Seek legal advice promptly or you may miss out on your chance to claim. We can help with unfair and wrongful dismissal, discrimination, harassment, maternity/paternity rights, and working time regulations etc.

We will tell you if you may have a strong case against your employer and explain all your options. Alternatively, we can help resolve disputes, so you can continue in your current employment.

We specialise in advising employees about settlement agreements.


In a landmark decision by the Supreme Court, employment Tribunal fees have been abolished.

In 2013, the Government decided that fees would be charged by the Employment Tribunal for bringing claims such as unfair dismissal and discrimination.  In some cases, these fees were quite high which led to a dramatic decline of almost 70% in the number of Tribunal claims submitted each year.

The Trade Union, Unison, challenged the fee regime on a number of grounds. The claim went all the way to the Supreme Court which recently decided in their favour. This means that in order to bring a claim in the Tribunal, no fees are currently payable. In addition to this, if fees have been paid in the past, they will ultimately be re paid.  The Government is working out a mechanism for doing this.

The General Secretary of Unison described the decision as "the most significant judicial intervention in the history of British Employment Law". It will almost definitely encourage more people to exercise their legal rights to claim compensation where they feel that the employer has acted wrongly. It is possible that a new fee structure will be introduced at a later date.  However, there are no current plans to do so.

If you have paid Tribunal fees in the past and want help in recovering them or if you need advice about bringing or defending such claims, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Stories of sexual harassment and abuse in the corridors of Westminster has become a huge issue.

Every day, new allegations are reported in the media.  Numerous MPs and Government Ministers are being investigated some of whom have been suspended whilst others have been forced to resign. If this scandal tells us anything, it is that employers must have robust policies and procedures in place to deal with such matters.  This includes an effective grievance procedure but also a policy dealing with harassment and bullying.

Whether or not the media coverage encourages people to speak out and assert their rights, employers would be well advised to minimise their exposure to claims by adopting appropriate policies.

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We offer your first interview at the discounted rate of £125 plus VAT (for the first hour). An opportunity for you to receive  honest and cost- effective advice and a solution to your employment problem.

We now offer late night legal advice, by appointment only, on Wednesday's until 8pm.

Please click here to view our Employment Law Facts and Figures Brochure 2017.

What Our Clients Say

Thank you so much for this. The letters are impressive, and I am glad I asked for your advice and intervention.

Kind regards Elizabeth.

Richard Stephens of Vanderpump and Sykes attention to detail and legal expertise enabled me to reach a very good settlement in my employment dispute, which started with very little hope of any kind of success which would have resulted in both reputation damage and would have been financially detrimental too. Richard was very approachable and very professional in conducting my case from start to finish. Highly recommended.

Jack Georgiou, Hammersmith, London.

I would like to express my thanks to Mr Richard Stephens. He has been extremely helpful to me in one employment matter in August of this year and he also assisted me with my recent passport application. Richard has been very professional and very helpful to me in resolving both matters to my satisfaction. As a result of Richard's hard work I have recommended your organisation to my family members for a specific matter they wish to discuss. I look forward to working with Richard Stephens again in the near future & I thank him sincerely for his support.

PK, Enfield.

Many thanks Richard. Your help with this has been hugely appreciated, thank you again for turning everything around so quickly.


Many thanks for your fantastic work.