Commercial Property

At Vanderpump & Sykes Solicitors, we provide practical commercial property advice whether you are: a property investors, developer, local authority, commercial landlord or occupational tenant.

Our solicitors provide legal advice for a wide range of commercial property work, from commercial leases and construction to planning law.

Based in Enfield Middlesex, we offer services to clients in surrounding areas across North London, Hertfordshire and Essex in the following areas:

  • buying and selling commercial property portfolios
  • acquisitions, leasing and sales of residential/commercial property developments
  • leases and subleases
  • lease assignments/renewals/variations
  • acquisitions and sales of freeholds
  • estates and developments
  • commercial finance, re-mortgages and funding
  • town planning issues
  • professional warranties and other duty of care documentation
  • public procurement

We also provide commercial property dispute resolution advice for parties who cannot resolve their dispute between themselves.

Commercial property is a complex and changing area of law with many factors to consider. For legal advice contact our team on: 020 8370 2896.