Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

We are committed to creating a work environment in which equality and diversity not only applies all our employees, but also extends to our relationships with clients, suppliers, contractors and third parties.

What do we mean by “Diversity, Equality & Inclusion”?

Basically, it’s the way we run our firm, in the people that we recruit, in the culture of the firm, and in our client base. With regard to employees we seek to employ the most suitable, experienced people and to attract a client base that appreciates our ethic and our ethos.

We recruit and retain people of and from a variety of backgrounds regardless of their gender, colour, age, religion, disability, sexual orientation, ethnic group or marital status.

We never ask employees or clients about political affiliations, trade union membership, religion or anything else that bears no relevance to their work or as a client.

How do we achieve diversity, equality and inclusion?

As a firm we have policies and procedures in place which includes the following:

  • We are an equal opportunities employer.
  • There are procedures in place for grievances, harassment, whistleblowing, capabilities and other workplace concerns.
  • Dignity in the workplace.
  • Flexible working hours/days.
  • Full staff training in all aspects of working together.
  • Adherence to the Modern Slavery Act, particularly within the supply chain of our suppliers.

Our work place is staffed by persons of various ethnicities, colour, gender, religion and background. This is reflected in our biennial SRA staff survey.

Here are some of the employee facts (as at January 2024):