A Cohabitation Agreement can be very useful if you are not married and you are setting up home with a new partner. An agreement can record how you should own any property or assets and what should happen to those assets and income in the event that the relationship breaks down.

Many people mistakenly believe that if you live with your partner for long enough, you become a "common law" wife or husband which bestows on you the same "rights and entitlements" as a married couple. This is a common misconception and without a Cohabitation Agreement the financial consequences could be devastating if the relationship breaks down especially where there are children involved.

The laws governing unmarried couples are limited in comparison to married couples. A cohabitation agreement can make financial provision for you and your children that would not otherwise be available if you had to rely on the  law that covers cohabiting couples.

A cohabitation agreement expertly prepared by an experienced member of our family law team gives you the peace of mind of knowing that if the relationship fails you have made proper financial provision for your family.

A cohabitation agreement will be money well spent if on a break up it avoids the emotionally and financially pain of arguing over how assets should be divided.