Disciplinary and Grievance Procedures

In April 2009 a law was passed which introduced a new regime for dealing with disciplinary and grievance procedures. This is known as the ACAS Code of Practice and it is something that all employers should be aware of. By following the ACAS Code you can avoid a potentially expensive unfair dismissal claim.

It is intended to help employers and employees deal effectively with issues of alleged misconduct or poor performance in the workplace. When deciding whether an employee has been unfairly dismissed for one of these reasons, an Employment Tribunal will consider whether the employer has followed a fair procedure. In doing so, it must take account of relevant provisions in the ACAS Code.

Even if an employee brings a successful claim for unfair dismissal, the level of compensation awarded can be affected if either party has failed to follow the code.

- If the employer unreasonably fails to follow it the Tribunal may increase the compensation by up to 25%.

- If the employee unreasonably fails to follow it the compensation can be reduced by up to 25%.

If you are not aware of the provisions in the Code, you are vulnerable to financially crippling claims.

This firm can provide you with disciplinary and grievance procedures which comply with the law. We can also train the relevant managers and personnel on how to correctly implement the procedures so that they comply with the Code.

Act now to save yourself money.